Transplants - gangsters and thugs

Biggie & Tupac is a no holds barred investigation into the unsolved murders of two of the biggest superstars rap has ever produced, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Nick Broomfield hits the streets, putting his life at risk as he uncovers sensational new evidence that points directly to the involvement of the LAPD and imprisoned Death Row records co-founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight in the slayings.

During World War II, the best route to invade Italy was by first taking Sicily, and the American brass was eager to obtain any sort of intel that might lube their efforts to give the island a steaming hot freedom injection. Luckily, they had an ace in the hole: the father of organized crime himself, Lucky Luciano , a Sicily-born American citizen who was, at the time, an inmate of the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.

In the back of a warehouse truck, they are driven for miles across the scorching Nevada desert until they reach a hotel. There, they are forced to have sex with up to 25 men one after the other.

Transplants - Gangsters And ThugsTransplants - Gangsters And ThugsTransplants - Gangsters And ThugsTransplants - Gangsters And Thugs